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The safety

Our know-how is the result of a pioneering process…


Exploraid is one of the companies in the events sector that has contributed most to the development of safety products.


Intensive staff training in all the areas concerned* and the development of new techniques, in which Exploraid has played a decisive role, have helped bring about fantastic growth in the outdoor incentives market.


Adventure parks and other overhead courses have now become standard features. Twenty years ago, we were innovators in this sector with the “Jungle Track”. The construction of the first cabled courses accessible to all and constant exchanges with the protective equipment manufacturers resulted in genuine innovation not only in the events sector, but also as regards working at heights.

In a climate of increasingly fierce competition, and a world in which our products are increasingly copied, our know-how is the only lasting guarantee of our development.


Whatever the circumstances, we apply these few central principles :

  • For each activity, the choice of work areas, materials, equipment and staff is based on in-depth reconnaissance and an assessment (risk analysis) carried out with rigour and professionalism*.

  • Responsibilities are determined at each level of our structure. A written procedure is available for each activity. All our fixed and temporary installations and all our individual and group course, protective and safety equipment comply with the applicable requirements in this field.

  • We make every effort to ensure that each participant has clearly explained instructions and assistance adapted to their physical condition and the languages they speak. The activities plan is efficient and the support and supervision are effective**

  • The transport and packaging of the elements essential to ensure that clients are comfortable are adapted to each type of terrain and to the weather conditions.


* The regulations governing our profession are evolving very rapidly and along very sound lines. At federal level, a Royal Decree establishes the framework and the conditions in which active and extreme leisure activities must be undertaken. Supra-national regulations in the form of European directives and standards apply to individual and group protective equipment. The supervision provided for the activities proposed is covered by certificates from sports federations recognised by the various Communities in Belgium. The National Defence department issues certificates of capability and specialised certificates on overcoming obstacles in difficult terrain. Finally, a national professional union defines the good practices to be observed in this field.


** The Exploraid staff hold training certificates for the exercising of their profession. Additional specialist areas are covered by manufacturers of leading-edge equipment selected by us (individual and group protective equipment). We also follow training courses abroad and undergo frequent eliminatory retraining programmes. The team of facilitators at Exploraid is assisted by a team of experienced emergency doctors with the scientific and technical skill and the equipment required to deal with any situation. All the experience acquired in a national and European context, and even farther afield for many of them, represents dynamic potential placed at your disposal.