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The catering

We also pay careful attention to catering aspects. Meals, an essential complement to action, constitute a discovery in their own right. Gourmet walks, accompanied by fine wines, fresh and regional produce, and coffees giving off aromas evocative of distant lands combine to produce a festival of taste.


We put as much care into cooking in a frying pan on a camp fire as we do into a four-course meal for 3500 people under canvas.


The small details are not forgotten, either, be it a little “café-pékèt” (coffee with genever) and a “gauf’ au suk’” (waffle) at the edge of the wood, or a bottle of champagne broken open in a prestigious setting as a reward for the effort made.


Our Chef is as much at ease among the billy-cans as when he is surrounded by silverware. This all-round caterer will suggest a formula in line with your style and your budget.