Activity :

In brief

Bivouac - raid - outdoor - tent - self-cooking - team-training - challenge
Location : Vielsalm

Conquest of change

Bivouac, raid, team-training, adventure and fun.

On the occasion of Exploraid’s 20th birthday, one of our clients gave us an extraordinary present by this briefing: think of 120 people with various profiles, sent out in 12 teams over 12 exercise zones and different bivouacs, 36 hours of uninterrupted outdoor adventure, a circular, coordinated movement of the teams, which are always isolated from each other, 2 short nights under canvas, cooking for oneself, team training, workshops, etc. This slightly crazy challenge, instigated by Shering Plough with the expert advice of Medimaco, allowed us together to transform the test!!! A great success!