Activity :

In brief

Basis camp of 1110 m² with floor, 120 participants, 15 vehicles LAND ROVER for the organization, 62 people for the support (Exploraid and Land Rover), 0 accident
Location : Ovifat

G4 Challenge 2005

The winner of the first competition of international G4 was... our Belgian selected Rudy Thoelen!!! Obviously, the first edition of G4 bore its fruits and the persons in charge of Land Rover start again the concept of the Challenge.

Change of decoration for this 2nd edition.This time the participants evolved in the neighbourhoods of the Castle of Reinhardstein following the impressive uneven of the valley of the Warche... Taking as a starting point the the first edition, the volunteers were evaluated on the basis of morals, amphibians, sporting and technical tests... Three names left the batch: Kris Janssens, Erik Michels and Liesbeth Breesch. They are invited to take part at the international selection in England. This one will define which of the three will represent our country at the Intercontinent Challenge.
Let us wish them good luck !